Double exercise sessions for increased weight loss

Throughout our lives, we can get stressed from the rigors of work and family obligations. Many people are involved with so many different activities in a day it is a wonder any one can find time to get any exercise in. It is during these stressful times, we may find ourselves eating more and exercising less, which could lead to unexpected weight gain BeachBody. I have experienced this weight gain syndrome many times despite my dedication to exercise. Now there are things that can be done if your body weight is suddenly increasing.

The simplest thing to do is to look at your current diet and see where you can cut back on reducing your caloric intake. For example if you are eating bread more than twice a day, reduce this to once a day. Some people are not aware of this but you can make a sandwich using lettuce or romaine leaves. Simply make this switch from a bread sandwich to a lettuce can reduce your calorie intake by at least 10 to 20 percent throughout the week. Also look at your sugar intake; many processed foods contain added sugar such as crackers, chips, sauces, juices and even milk. Try and cut back on your sugar intake and eat more fruits but do not over indulge. A banana for example is a very health fruit to eat but, ingesting too many in a day at 100 calories each can derail your diet. I recommend keeping a food diary to keep track of what you are eating. Now while I recommend cutting back on your caloric intake, I will also suggest doubling up on your workouts.

Yes, I do know that for most people working out once a day can be difficult chore as it is but sometimes more is better especially when you are dealing with increased weight gain. I will share with you a secret, I am in between careers right at this moment and I started to gain weight. Last week I put myself on a double workout session; I jog in the morning for an hour and in the evening I perform a kind of aerobic exercise for 40 minutes or more. I can tell you that working out twice a day can help you lose weight quicker. Now along with a reduced calorie intake and my double work out sessions I am finally getting back to my ideal weight which is about 202. Yes these increase workout sessions can beneficial if you are dedicated to the challenge and of course you get enough rest in between, HuffingtonPost. Ideally you would work out in the morning and then in the evening for your second session. Now you don’t have to work out for almost 2 hours, instead break it up into 2 thirty minute sessions for maximum benefit. For people not wishing to be workout warriors but want to get in better physical shape, a double work session could be as simple as a 30 minute walk in the morning followed by a light 20 minute weight session. Indeed double workout session can be beneficial to help you lose more weight if it done properly with consistency. For more information please contact me.